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Who We Serve

The people who benefit most from our services are: 

• Genuinely nice, friendly people who like to have fun, yet..
• Serious about making smart decisions with their money
• Motivated in wanting a trusting relationship with their professional financial advisor
• Interested in coordinating financial decisions with their advisor so they can live their life, but ...
• Welcome us checking in or making recommendations 

Because our primary goal is to provide exceptional service to our existing clients, we add a limited number of new clients each year based on referrals from our existing clients. If you know someone who could benefit from our services, please introduce them to us or have them contact us for an initial consultation.  

We find that our relationship works best when our clients: 

• Return our phone calls and paperwork in a timely manner
• Schedule an annual review at a minimum to keep abreast of their financial situation
• Communicate with us, especially if there is something we can improve upon
• Contact us before making any major financial decisions
• Contact us if there are life changing events, such as changing jobs, family additions, death, divorce, etc.
• Share their enthusiasm in working with us and with others